Kids tournament “Olimpici” – Hungary

On 12, 13 and 14th of May the torunament “Olimpici” took place at Bekeshba – Hungary which gives points to the hungarian rank-list. This was the last open tournament which closes the season in the country. There were fencers from Ukraine, Slovakia,Poland, Romania and Bulgaria…and also all Hungarian clubs. The tournament took place with unique bout schedule at each age group and perfect organisation in two fencing halls.

Our representatives at this fencing marathon were:

July Tsanev (Sofia) and Filip Usmen (Mladost) – boys U11

Yoanna Ermenkova (Sofia) and Dalia Hristova (Sofia) girls U13 U14 and U15

The end results were:


Yoanna Ermenkova – 51st place

Dalia Hristova – 93rd place


Dalia Hristova -44 th

Yoanna Ermenkova-49 th


Dalia Hristova-49th

Yoanna Ermenkova -52 nd

July Tsanev (Sofia) could not enter in the DE schedule and played the 3rd group, when he took all Vs and got the 33nd place.

Filip Usmen (Mladost) got only one loss during the whole competition and after 14 victories destroyed his final oponent George Petrache from Romania with 10:4!

The final took place in a shopping mall in the center of the city with a huge crowd watching and excellent organisation – there Filip took the Cup of the Hungarian Fencing Federation.

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