Our participation in EU Cup U14 in “Sant Jordi” in Barcelona

On 22 and 23th of April in Barcelona the “Sant Jordi” tournament took place, which is part of the European Cup for girl till 14 y.o. There were 40 competitors from Hungary, Portugal, Chezch Republic, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania.

The competition took two days with the first day being the group phases in two circuits and the second one the direct eliminations.

Our competitor Yoanna Ermenkova did a great job. The first day she won 10 out of 12 bouts and the second day she took two victories: Entering the round of 16 against Espinoza Spain with the devastating 15:3 and then for entering the round of 8th against Bonet Chervera – Spian 15:10. She finished her participation with 6th place. Bravo!


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