Sports Hall Hotel “Triada”

Sports Hall “Triada” in Triada Hotel – Geo Milev District next to “Festivalna Hall”

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 to 18.00 – group “BEGINNERS” (children)

(0884632217) Monthly fee 60 leva. Family monthly card 42 leva (for the second child)

Fee for a separate session: children (minors) -10 lv adults (-15 lv) -15 lv Rental of equipment and equipment of the club: During the first year of training the children use the club equipment free of charge Monthly rent for club equipment BGN 20. Rent for use of equipment and equipment of the club for a separate training 5 lv

Group- AMATEURS(adults) Saturday and Sunday from 17.00 to 18.00 coach Rada Georgieva (0884632217)

Monthly fee 80 leva Fee for individual training: amateur (adult) -15 lv

Monthly rental fee for club equipment 20 leva. Rent for use of equipment and equipment of the club for individual training 5 lv


If you want to acquire new fencing skills and qualities to improve your fencing skills and to perfect your fencing style, we can help you.
Our coaches specialize in the different styles of sword fighting and with their experience and skills will improve your training.
We recommend at least one individual lesson, and if you are an athlete, at least 2-3 lessons a week.

Individual lessons for club members are free but are scheduled.
For individual (PRIVATE) lessons outside the training schedule the prices are: for children – 20 leva, for advanced and amateurs -30 leva
Additional (private) individual lessons are held in agreement with the coach.
Coaches in the club: Daniel Boyadzhiev (0888964812), Antonia Gicheva (tel.0897329509), Rada Georgieva (0884632217), Denis Yusmen (0877797922)

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