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Dear friends,
We have the pleasure to introduce you one of the most successful Bulgarian fencing teams – Sports Club “SOFIA”.

Traditions and its current membership lead their beginning from the team to department “Fencing” of National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”. The senior coach Daniel Boyadzhiev is of long standing teacher in the department.

Coaches in the club are: Daniel Boyadzhiev-Head coach ,epee from 2006, Antonia Gicheva- coach, epee from 2008, Mila Milieva- coach, epee from 2009, Ivan Todorov and Petra Kalcheva -coach epee from 2011. Sports Fencing Club “SOFIA” is registered as an independent association with non economic purpose for socially useful activity in 2006.Immediately after this the club received license from DAMS and was accepted as a member of the Bulgarian Fencing Federation. From his creation till now club “SOFIA” turned into one of the most successful clubs, where the best epee competitors practice and develop. During the years we gained enormous number prize places in national competitions:

2006: 3 champion titles in the team competitions and 5 golden medals in the individual contest.

2007: 3 champion and 4 vice-champion team titles! 7 golden ,8 silver and 12 bronze medals in the individual competitions.

2008: 12 champion titles, 12 vice-champion and 16 bronze medals in the individual and team competitions.

2009: 14 champion titles, 12 vice-champion and 14 bronze medals in the individual and team competitions.

2010: 16 champion titles, 11 vice-champion and 17 bronze medals in the individual and team competitions

2011: 10 champion titles, 12 vice champion and 16 bronze medals in the individual and team competations

Our competitors made impressive achievements on in the international competitions, too:

2006: 15th place in Bratislava- World Cup, juniors

2007: 3rd place in the European Championship, cadets Tournaments from The World Cup for juniors: 9th place Israel. 10th place Portugal and others. Satellite Tournament for men: Beograd- 3rd place, category “B” ,juniors -1st place Greece and others.

2008: Balkan Championship- Balkan Champion-cadets and two bronze medals-cadets and juniors. Champions in the Balkan Games-team contest, in the 4 member team of Bulgaria 3 athletes were from our club (Martin Stoev, Kristian Boyadzhiev and Ivan Todorov) Tournaments from the World Cup, juniors: 3rd place in Finland, 9th place in Spain, 12th place Israel. Our best athlete Kristian Boyadzhiev finished the season taking 6th place in the World Ranking for juniors. The cadet team of Bulgaria (up to 17 years) for 2008 was entirely composed by athletes from club “SOFIA”: Kristian Boyadzhiev, Ivan Todorov and Ivan Zafirov.

2009: Ivan Zafirov was captain of the national cadet team in the European Championship in Borgues-France in 2009. There he ranked 24th in the individual contest, a few months later in the World Championship for Cadets- 23rd. In the World Championship for Juniors in Belfast Kristian Boyadzhiev acheved the biggest success for Bulgaria of all times- 6th place, juniors! Martin Stoev achieved the best ranking for Bulgaria in the European Championship (in age up to 23 years)- 23rd place. Tournaments from the World Cup, juniors: 3rd place Israel, 11th place Italy, 10th place- Finland, 11th place- Spain…..

National competitors are Savina Stoeva and Antonia Gicheva- they competed in EC,WC and Balkan Games, Petra Kalcheva, Ventsislava Deninska ,Gabriela Dimitrova ,Kalina Dimitrova and Yana Sudjarska- they have participated in competitions, valid for the European Cup, cadets.

In the 10 best fencing competitors of Bulgaria for 2006 were chosen two our athletes- Martin Stoev and Kristian Boyadhiev , in 2007- three our athletes- Kristian Boyadzhiev, Martin Stoev and Ivan Zafirov, in 2008- four our athletes- Kristian Boyadzhiev, Martin Stoev, Ivan Zafirov and Ivan Todorov.In the top ten on the best fencers of Bulgaria for 2009 were chosen Kristian Boyadzhiev and Ivan Zafirov in the 2010-three our athletes-Kristian Boyadzhiev,Ivan zafirov and Deyan Dobrev For the best couch of Bulgaria for 2007,2008 and 2009 was chosen the coach of club “SOFIA” Daniel Boyadzhiev

The appearances of our club are regularly shown on the TV emissions: BTV, Channel 1, BBT, Ring, Zdrave, VTV… From 2006 our club has its own site, which is pleased with high attendance: www.fencing-sofia.com

The main purposes of the club are connected with practicing young competitors (beginners) and developing of athletes from high class, which in combination with the unique methods of teaching and the pedagogic skills of the coaches leads us to our successes. For the realization of our ideas we work and search for support in the following directions:

1. Insurance of necessary equipment( sports hall, equipping: generally- subsidiary training aids for OFP ,fencing apparatuses and sport facilities, personal fencing equipment for the coaches and the competitors)

2. Insurance of preparation of the athletes of full value (participation in sports camps, active participation in the sports calendar)

3. Financial assistance of perspective competitors for participation in the enterprises of the club (in a group and personal)

4. Popularizing of the activity of the club and fencing as a sport ( advertising campaign during the whole school year, during competitions by leaflets, information in the site of the club, newspapers, television and others)

5. Realization and maintenance of relationships and contacts with related organizations for exchange of information in the area of fencing ( visits and training as exchange of our coaches and athletes and others )

The financial providing of these directions is from particular importance for the realization of our plans, by reason of which our doors are widely open for people who share the same views and for our friends. We realize the importance of the sport for the developing of the personality and especially for the development of the young people due to which we endeavour to create atmosphere and conditions for appearance of full value and development of every our competitor.

Our maxim is “We have fun and this way we win” Join us and become a part of our sponsors family!

Daniel Boyadzhiev- President of SC “SOFIA”

MORE INFORMATION:https://www.facebook.com/groups/136240996388225/

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