The bulgarian footprint at “13th Novi Sad Trophy” and EFC U14 Circuit

On 6th of May 2017 Fencing Club Sofia participated at the 13th Novi Sad Trophy and the EFC U14 Circuit.

European Cup U14

Yoana Ermenkova took 3rd place (together with Teodora Kis – Macevi i maske SRB), afteter a hard clash with one of her main opponents Andrada Ghica(Stesial Romania) – she won the gold.

Dalia Hristova met Ermenkova in the second eleminationd and Simona Naydenova (Mladost) took the 7th place.

13th Novi Sad Trophy U12

Filip Usmen (Mladost) took the 2nd place on the tournamen after playing final with Rahim Rashayda (Mladost). The 3rd place went to Vuk Nikolic (Silni) and Nemanja Ristic (Silni)

13th Novi Sad Trophy –  Veterans

There was a strong bulgarian presence here with Denis Usmen getting the gold and Ivelin Hristov entering the top 10.

13th Novi Sad Trophy –  seniors

Going to seniors the bulgarian fencers were – Ivan Zafirof (Sofia), Todor Boyadzhiev (Sofia), Kiril Marinov (NSA) and Kiril Zafirov (NSA).

Todor Boyadzhiev took the 22nd place. Kiril Zafrov got some decisive victories but clashed with Ivan Zafirov on the battle for the fourth. On his turn Ivan fenced the Serbian champ Nikola Petrovic (MK Omladinac) and finished 3rd. Kiril Marinov took an easy victory on his semi-final against Danilo Cetic (Crvena Zvezda). The final Marinov – Petrovic was a dramatic clash. As Marinov was leading with 3 points the serbian fencer managed to catch up by increasing the fencing temp. After that the battle was eye for an eye until they got to 14-14. Here Marinov managed to use his precise epee tip and recorded another gold on his account.

We were all proud, because we heard the Bulgarian anthem several times this day!


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