Sudden Korean Visit

What happens when you come to visit Sofia from Korea, you fence but the weather is bad? Kim contacted us with hope of fencing. The only thing he knew about Bulgara was that a friend of his was robbed by a person holding a knife in the city center. For him Sofia was a dangerous place. We showed him the opposite.

It was a pleasure for us to exchange expirience and the ones that were fencing that night were able to feel part of the Korean fencing style. According to Kim the bulgarian way of fencing is something between Italian and Korean. In Korea people seemed to use more exlosive and offencive play while in Italy, where he studies he noticed that in the local clubs people are waiting for the first action from their oponent. Kim also told us about the training methods in Korea, which often included phisical punishment if you are doing something wrong. We are very happy that we met him and we are always open for fencers from other clubs which we can exchange expirience with. If somoene wants to meet Kim – he will be following the Coup du Monde in Bern together with the Korean national team. We hope, that after our meeting he will be cheering for Bulgaria too!


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