A great performance in Greece

A round of the European Cup for Children under the age of 14, individually and team, took place at the Fair Palace in Thessaloniki, Greece on 02 and 03 December.

On the first day of the individual competition with the participation of the 49 girls from Greece, Romania and Bulgaria Ioanna Ermenkova won bronze!

Our other representatives were in the 21st place Victoria Maniyunyan and 26th place Hristina Ilieva!

For the boys in the competition of 54 fighters from Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria Philip Yusmen took 9th place. Our other boys ranked respectively 24th place Juliy Tsanev, 49th place Velizar Zlatanov.

On the second day in a battle between 12 teams, our girls in the composition of Ioanna Ermenkova, Victoria Maniyunyan and Hristina Ilieva took third place and waving the Bulgarian flag on the honorable ladder.

In the boys, the team was composed: Juliy Tsanev, Philip Yusmen, Velizar Zlatanov and Adrian Voykov who took the 6th place in 12 teams.

We wish success to our young Musketeers in the next challenge – the tournament in Hungary on December 15-17!


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